Getting to know Spear & Arrow


For those of you who don’t know the face behind Spear and Arrow yet, meet Chantelle Ryan. Chantelle has an excessive passion to leave her mark on the world, by making a difference in the lives of people she is lucky enough to work with. Building long lasting relationships with families and children allow Chantelle to achieve fantastic outcomes to empower them to live their lives to the absolute fullest.

The reason behind launching Spear and Arrow, is due to the fact that Chantelle discovered a huge and concerning gap in the market. This gap is the need for specialised and quality services that are personalised to each individual person, instead of using a one size fits all approach. Whilst working in the Education industry, Chantelle decided to further her studies to enable her to provide a mobile base service which offers relevant and responsive support for her clients and their support networks.

Chantelle has a special place in her heart for helping families and children struggling with Autism and Trauma. Working in Special Education and Social Work has allowed Chantelle to build her experience beyond belief to enable her to showcase great lifestyle changes for clients she has worked with. Seeing these changes, allowing her clients to meet their goals and enhance their lives and the incredible affects they can have for her clients, is what has made Chantelle grow so fond of this industry and the work it allows her to undertake.

Currently Chantelle holds a Bachelor of Primary (Special Education), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis and is currently studying her Master of Social Work (Professional Qualification). She has over 20 years’ experience working in a range of positions throughout Central West NSW for the NSW Department of Education, and has recently worked as a Therapeutic Specialist providing Positive Behaviour Support to children in ITC-SD Intensive Therapeutic Care – Significant Disability.

Chantelle’s experience doesn’t stop there, she also has extensive experience and knowledge working with First Nations People and others with diverse backgrounds. This allows Chantelle to work and connect with a range of families and children from various walks of life.

Macy - Practice Manager & Admin Extraordinaire

Macy brings a calming presence to the team. She is the glue that holds the office and team together and keeps us all on the right path. 

Macy is organised, creative, has a great eye for detail and loves her role of helping everyone by getting the tough stuff behind the scenes done.
If you’ve got a question for Spear & Arrow, Macy is likely the one who will find the solution for you. 

Fun facts about Macy

  • Loves Comedy/Action Movies
  • Follows Sydney Roosters
“You’ll always end up where you’re meant to be”

Maddi - Admin Allrounder and Support Worker

Maddi is the sweet and quiet side to the team. Maddi brings classic Virgo traits to the team, always being dependable, kind, humble and practical. 

Maddi loves working with a positive team and enjoys helping everyone in any way she can. Supporting the children she works with to the best of her ability and building individual connections with them is really important to Maddi.

Maddi is an Aboriginal woman from Kamilaroi Country

Fun facts about Maddi

  • You might find her eating Steak Diane and Salad while watching a Bad Boys Movie marathon
  • Follows Sydney South Rabbitohs
“The way I see it, If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”

Kirsten - Support Coordinator

Kirsten brings both professional and personal knowledge of the NDIS space to the team. Having lived experience of navigating the NDIS she is a dedicated voice for parents/carers that have children of all ages with disability to ensure they are valued and getting the best services.

It is really important to Kirsten that she is able to help people with disabilities live their best life and that she gets to uplift carers to make them feel valued. She has a wealth of ideas about how to get the most out of your NDIS plan from the services offered in our region. 

Kirsten is an Aboriginal woman from Wiradjuri Country

Fun Facts about Kirsten

  • Kirsten is a pop culture buff with a love of all things Marvel and Supernatural – Supernatural tattoo included
  • You might find Kirsten wearing some of her extensive Converse shoe collection while listening to punk rock specifically Blink 182
“Always keep fighting”