The Social Detective and Superflex

The Social Detective and Superflex

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The social world is a big, complicated place where we are all social detectives as we observe, gather, and make sense of the clues in different social contexts (settings, situations, and the people in them) to figure out the hidden rules for expected behaviours, as well as to understand how we each feel and think about others in a situation.

You are a Social Detective!

Where we are laying the groundwork in refining social attention to open up children’s awareness to the different kids of smarts we all possess, to what’s happening around them (the situation), who the people are in the situation, and then teaching them that every situation comes with certain social expectations (hidden rules) that people don’t typically talk about but that affect how people interact together. We do all of this first, and then we can help our children become more aware of their own behaviours and how to successfully self-regulate when around others, as taught with the Superflex Super Hero.

You are a social detective book cover
Illustration of different kind of smarts
Superflex and the Thinkables
Superflex and the Thinkables poster


Superflex is the name of our lovable superhero character who teaches kids they have a superhero inside their own brains (who looks just like they do) helping them learn about their own and others’ thoughts and behaviours, strengthening their flexible thinking, and giving them strategies to self-regulate in challenging times.

For every Unthinkable there is an equally powerful Thinkable with its own special powers to help us be strong social detectives and self-regulators. Kids can call on their Superflex and Thinkable powers anytime, anyplace, to help coach them along the expected social route and avoid unexpected behaviour!