Behaviour + Therapeutic Support

Spear and Arrow is a Dubbo based personalised Behaviour & Therapeutic Support Service Specialising in Autism + Trauma.

With over 20 years experience in education supporting learning, disabilities and well-being, we’re looking forward to bringing our expertise to the Central West.

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Personalised Behaviour & Therapeutic Support

Spear and Arrow was launched to fill a huge and concerning gap in the market for therapeutic and behaviour support. This gap is the need for specialised and quality services that are personalised to each individual person, instead of using a one size fits all approach. Whilst working in the Education industry, Chantelle decided to further her studies to enable her to provide a mobile base service which offers relevant and responsive support for her clients and their support networks.

Chantelle has a special place in her heart for helping families and children struggling with Autism and Trauma. Working in Special Education and Social Work has allowed Chantelle to build her experience beyond belief to enable her to showcase great lifestyle changes for clients she has worked with. Seeing these changes, allowing her clients to meet their goals and enhance their lives and the incredible affects that can have for her clients, is what has made Chantelle grow so fond of this industry and the work it allows her to undertake.